A artistic recreation of the decription SCP-11111 and SCP-11111-1

Item #: SCP-11111

Object Class:EuclidKeter

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-11111 is to be contained behind a two meter electrical fence, which is to be patrolled by security elements. The area contained is roughly circular, 100km in diameter.

Security cameras are to be installed to cover areas not currently being patrolled.[See Addendum 0-3]

At present, direct containment of SCP-11111 is not possible. Secondary containment methods are limited to studying SCP-11111-2 to gain a better understanding of its behavior and the development of methods to control or neutralize it.

Description: SCP-11111 Is the name given to the unrecognized city-state self designated as New Los Angeles City Aka Neo Milwaukee commonly shortened to NLACakaNM and seems to generally take up 47,877 sq mi. of the southern end of the grand canyon.

SCP-1111’s borderlands mostly made up of a large desert filled with numerous anomalous entities; these entities occasionally try and break containment to mixed results.[See Addendum 0-1]

The center monument designated SCP-11111-1 seems to be emanating multiple memetic,thaumaturgic and other anomalous effects;SCP-11111-1 mostly appears as a large green obelisk with an eye carved into the very top, but many other people report seeing variations on it’s design from it seeming to have windows along its body to it being a pyramid instead of an obelisk. The residence of SCP-11111 seem to call SCP-11111-1 “Endless War” and can be seen occasionally praying to it.

the monument seemingly has an area of effect that seems to encompass a area of 50,000 sq ft give or take. This corresponds with the anomalously high volume of slime that’s taken up residence in the colorado river only seeming to cut off at the very edge of this sphere of influence; the slime being designated as SCP-11111-2 and it's apperent desity has unnaturally rose the surrounding parts of the colorado river to meet the cliffs of either side.

SCP-11111-2 is a gelatinous ooze emit a anomalous form of [REDACTED] radiation that’s dangerous and cancer causing to most forms of life however SCP-11111-1’s influence seems to render the radiation of all instances of SCP-11111-2 partially inert. SCP-11111-2 even while rendered inert by SCP-11111-1 still seems to have a myriad of anomalous effects such as reviveing those who die in the vacinity of SCP-11111-1

D-Class who’ve entered SCP-11111 and have been exposed to SCP-11111-1 have been reported to see SCP-11111 differently based on personal life experiences.They’ve also been reported to have been more violent and develop the intense need to gather instances of SCP-11111-2 found the surrounding area. Extraction of D-Class who’ve been exposed to SCP-11111 has resulted in numerous effects to their body both mentally and physically.[See Addendum 0-2]

Addendum 0-1:

Location:Recovered Downstream

Description:A strange individual resembling [Redacted] from the video game series [Redacted] was found partially alive. Upon removal from SCP-11111-1’s spear of influence; SCP-11111-A was reduced to ashes.

Location:Captured Trying to Break a Electric Fence

Description:A creature resembling A. mexicanum with the ability to speak english. It seemingly made several attempts to break through the fence only to be shot by guards. and come back in some form or another.All instances of SCP-11111-B were the same instance due to the subject’s recollection of previous break out attempts as well as the appearance of bullet holes and burnt marks on reappearing subjects mirroring those of previous expired ones.

SCP-11111-B gave up after 4 hours and presumably vanished back into SCP-11111.

Location:Outpost 7

Description:A seemingly stereotypical UFO was seen by a member of the task force as trying to “abduct” one of our outposts after a couple of minutes of not being able to do so the hatch on the bottom released a searing beam destroying the outpost. The UFO the proceeded to disappear into the desert.

Location:Otherside of Colorado River from SCP-11111

Description:A domestic canine of mixed heritage was seen swiming across the river it seems to have a male phallus for a nose

Addendum 0-2:

Subject:D-143, This D-Class was not given any information about SCP-11111

Outcome:D-143 describes SCP-11111 as a vibrant cityscape filled with murder and blood shed with slime pooling arround streets, they had also felt compelled to "mine" and reported a increase in adranaline.

Subject:D-157,this D-Class was given information on SCP-11111 but was told that SCP-11111-1 was a pyramid instead of a obelisk

Outcome:D-157 reported back about SCP-11111-1 being a pyramid their were also numrous other changes such as slime having a tingleing sensation when it came into contact with D-157, contact was lost for 4 hours until D-157 reemerged and extracted with several malformations such as a unnaturally hot body tempeture and feeling unsusually light.

Subject:D-160,this D-Class has a history of actual gang violence and gang related crime(they were told nothing about SCP-11111 in advance)

Outcome:D-160 reported back about SCP-11111 looking more like a rotted away urban landscape with only a slightly off color to most buildings, after 3 hours we lost contact.

Subject:D-677, This is a D-Class who was responsible for numrous disapperences in [Redacted],Arizona(They were told nothing about SCP-11111 in advance)

Outcome:D-677 reported the city as appearing grey and lifeless they also reported seeing D-160 as wearing "Pink jester colors"; they continued their exploration until they came into contact with "Soda flavored" rain we lost contact with them soon after.

Addendum 0-3:

GoI-Slimecorp has recently made numerous militant attacks on bordering forces as well as sent multiple cease and desist claims against the SCP Foundation claiming this page and all of it’s content are subject to copyright infringement and must be taken down.

0-5 council has since walked back containment protocal